Yellow Girl Lode claim

Boulder County



Yellow Girl lode claim


Yellow Girl lode Layout of claim


It's hard to see the length of the line, but this is the strike of the vein that they exploited at 3 different spots. The length is nearly 600' from shaft 1-3.


This is a shot looking West from the middle shaft on the Yellow Girl claim showing a portion of the West shaft's pile. The middle shaft has the largest pile from the 3 piles on the claim from this particular vein.


This picture was taken in the spring when snow is melting and this shaft at this time is water-filled. Shaft at the South West part of the claim. This shaft is of unknown depth. These miners were playing for keeps as this shaft has been timbered. That was a lot of work to do back then. I believe that this could have been the "Pet mine"


This is a shot I took of the Golden Age mine from on the Yellow Girl Lode. The Golden Age was the biggest producer and most famous mine in the Central mining district (Jamestown area). The December Mine is slightly downhill and far right in the picture. Though not as rich as the Golden Age, it was said that even the lowest grade ore (on the December) averaged 3.88 Ounces/ Ton.

Nice quartz vein running up the hill on this claim. Granite running along the side of it with porphyry. This is the right stuff for free-milling gold ore.

Old road on the south part of the claim. This is a marked National forest road on a map and could be reopened. It is washed out in a couple of places.

The Yellow Girl lode claim BLM# CMC287438:       Located in Township 2N Range 71W Sec. 17, Sec. 20  6th P.M.:



  • History of the Central mining district

The Central Mining district has been written about extensively by a few different publications. In 1882, it was written by Thomas H. Nolland. He said in the foreward "The district produces the richest gold and silver ore found in the world ; ores worth as high as $200,000 per ton." (old price @ $20/ oz)


Most of my research, both on the ground and in books shows that there are 2  types of gold ores present in this district. Telluride ores dominate most of the district, but pyretic gold ores are also abundant. The oxides usually run from

surface to minimum of 50 feet and a maximum of 150 feet before sulfides take over. Most of the surface ores are extraordinarily rich in free milling gold as the temperatures were perfect for cooking off tellurides, leaving behind gold and silver.

The Central mining district was worked for a very short time as people flocked to other locations that were very popular, but it still holds tremendous value in both gold and silver.


  • Important mines around the Yellow Girl claim (written by Nolland & other publications)


The Golden age:

(1/4 mile from Yellow girl) The Golden Age mine: Ore results from batches of ore resulted in these numbers;

100 lbs ore gave net - - - - $ 896. 13
74 lbs " " " " $2,611.65
270 lbs "'•'" .... $5,029,64
325 lbs" '• " " $6,302.69 (Keep in mind that this was all based on $20/ Oz gold)

(Possibly an Eastern extension of the big mine on the Yellow girl) the Romance Lode: Quoted "This property has furnished some of the rarest specimens of native gold taken from the ground in Colorado" "Dirt was panned from the surface worth as high as $100.00 to the pan" ( That equates to over 5 Oz of gold per pan at today's prices)


The Pet mine shaft (2 compartment):

(On the Yellow girl) the Pet Mine: It is quoted by Thomas Nolland; "Is situated near the head of Central Gulch, and was discovered and is owned by the DuBois brothers, of Jamestown. The quartz found on the surface was very rich in free gold, and the vein showed a streak of six inches. The first shipment of the precious metal was obtained by pounding the ore in a common mortar and panning; two of the brothers obtaining in this way $32.00 in two days. The next shipment was milled at an arastra. One thousand pounds of first class ran at the rate of 194 ounces per cord, or $3,880, and the second shipment 36 ounces per cord. The scrapings, run in an arastra built by the owners, ran at the rate of twenty ounces.

Additionally Quoted by the United States Bureau of the Mint..."The Pet mine situated in the same gulch," (Central Gulch) "is also free gold, and is developed with a shaft 40 feet in depth and width, several small openings along the vein showing a paystreak some 14 inches in width. This property is now being actively worked with very satisfactory results, some of the ore being marvelously rich. The Pet is owned by the DuBois Brothers"


(1/8 mile from yellow girl) THE DECEMBER MINE:

Nolland wrote.... "Is situated a few hundred feet northwest of the Golden Age mine, and is owned by the December Mining and Milling company, limited, of Philadelphia, Penn., Sam'l S. Griffitts being President, and W. H. Johnstone Treasurer and manager, and Geo. W.Bratton. Previous to the present owners purchasing the property, it was owned and operated by men without means, except that derived from the sale of ore taken from the mine, and consequently the mine was not worked either by system or with thoughts of the

future. One owner panned, in one day, gold from the surface quartz amounting to over $400 in coin value, and the rich gold quartz created great excitement in the district.

The developments are three shafts, Nos. i, 2, 3. No. i is lOO feet in depth, with levels east and west at fifty and lOO feet respectively. The 100-foot level, east twenty-five feet, shows a strong body of fine galena ore interspersed with the rich free gold streak. Throughout both levels the pay is well defined. Shaft No. 2 is 108 feet west of No. i, and has reached a depth of fifty feet, being connected by level with No. i, thus affording perfect ventilation. The free gold quartz in these openings is strong, and the richest specimens are here found, selected specimens assaying over $100,000 per ton, the lower grade ore milling on an average $77.60 per ton.The galena streak is some two feet in width, assaying seventy-one ounces in silver and twenty- five per cent lead. Shaft No. 3 is twenty-five feet in depth, showing an average body of quartz as in the other workings. A tunnel site has recently been located in Castle Gulch for the purpose of driving a tunnel to cut the vein at a depth of 500 feet. A mill site has also been located and contracts

let for erection of engine and hoisting apparatus. The present company are a close corporation, and will extensively develop the property."


There are many other examples of mines around the Yellow Girl claim that were very rich and productive.


  • The Yellow girl mining claim itself:


       The Yellow girl has a quartz vein on the surface that runs around 1000 ft long and is exposed in several places along it's strike. This quartz vein borders granite porphyry which is indicative of a telluride vein. This vein has had 3 shafts driven down into it. The furthest west shaft is open and has a depth that is unknown. The other 2 shafts have been capped by the national forest. The open shaft tailings pile is small and could be assumed that there was little to no waste rock and that the vein was full width as many of these "true fissure" telluride veins were 6', 8', 12' and wider. This is the main vein on the Yellow girl. 


        There is a shaft on the South West part of the claim that at the time of location, was water-filled (early spring). This shaft, from my research, should be the "Pet mine" that was written about early on by Nolland and later by a Report by the bureau of the mint where the vein was reported twice the width (as is common with fissure veins as they get wider with depth).

       My initial discovery was in a depression that runs from what I believe to be the pet mine, uphill North East where I located ore that I could crush and see visible gold in the pan (although very fine particles).

       There are other prospects on this claim that may also hold values.

...........Also there are rare earth minerals on this claim.



  • This is a mining claim that holds much potential. I have claimed this prior to the mining companies coming in and grabbing claims up as they have done in this area. There are active prospecting and mining operations currently going on in this district and the Yellow girl mining claim actually has a claim filed over it (newer and invalid) in hopes that I forget to file annually (I have always been current in filing)

Thanks, Paul

Price-    $25,000