Yellow Girl Lode claim

Boulder County



Yellow Girl lode claim


Yellow Girl lode Layout of claim


It's hard to see the length of the line, but this is the strike of the vein that they exploited at 3 different spots. The length is nearly 600' from shaft 1-3. I wonder how long this vein is?


This is a shot looking West from the furthest East shaft on the Yellow Girl vein showing a portion of the second shaft's pile. This is the largest pile from the 3 piles on the claim.


This is the water-filled shaft at the South West part of the claim. This shaft is of unknown depth. These miners were playing for keeps as this shaft has been timbered. That was a lot of work to do back then.


This is a shot I took of the Golden Age from on the Yellow Girl Lode. The Golden Age was the biggest producer and most famous mine in the Central mining district (Jamestown area). The December Mine is slightly downhill and far right in the picture. Though not as rich as the Golden Age, it was said that even the lowest grade ore (on the December) averaged 3.88 Ounces/ Ton in today's numbers.

The Yellow Girl lode claim BLM# CMC287438:       Located in Township 2N Range 71W Sec. 17, Sec. 20  6th P.M.:

 Description:  The Yellow Girl lode claim is a 20 acre unpatented mining claim located in the Central mining district near Jamestown, Co. The length of the claim follows a vein on the ridge that was exploited in the past. There are 3 different shafts driven down into that vein with piles totaling approximately 1000 Tons. Additionally, there is an old timbered shaft at the southern side of the claim of unknown depth. That shaft has a small ore pile on it of approximately 50-75 Tons. That shaft is full of water and would take a lot of work to enter. There is an adit near that shaft that I have not tested but is easy to enter. It appears that the adit was driven in country rock to intersect the vein at the top of the ridge for easier removal of ore from the main vein, because of the old, now washed out road near the adit, or it was driven to intersect another separate vein on that same hill as there are a couple of quartz veins that run along that hill.


History: This claim is 1/4 of a mile from the largest and most productive mine in the district (The Golden Age) The strike of the vein is the same as the Golden Age, The nearest mine that I can find solid documentation on (the Romance Lode), Quoted "This property has furnished some of the rarest specimens of native gold taken from the ground in Colorado" "Dirt was panned from the surface worth as high as $100.00 to the pan" ( That equates to 5 Oz of gold per pan at today's prices) this vein on the claim that is on the ridge is likely a free- milling gold vein with silver like the Golden Age was. All other mines that are surrounding this claim were producing exceptional amounts of gold. I have not found exactly which mine this was to get production numbers.


Summary:  Although, I cannot guarantee what the main vein will produce, as I have not tested it due to the inaccessibility of the vein, I believe due to the high amount of very profitable mines all around this one and the fact that a vein was accessed in 3 different spots, this would indicate to me that there is plenty of value on this vein and would be worthwhile exploiting it. This claim holds SERIOUS potential for a small to mid size operation or investment for further sampling and resale later when the price of gold goes through the roof.

Thanks, Paul

Price-    $8,000