MOR1 placer claim (turn-key operation)

Gilpin/ Boulder County



Lots of large rock to trap gold.


One of the many flat, slack water places on the claim. To the right side of picture is bedrock coming down into the water.


A shot around camp. Water was high here due to a solid day of  rain.


A shot of me on a gravel bar scoping things out. Water was low in this shot.


Nice gravel bars all over this claim.


This gravel bar is right in my established (and equipped) camp. It is hard to see, but there is a boulder in this gravel bar that is about 12' in diameter.


Another shot of that same gravel bar, but from upstream, and after raining all day, so water was pretty high.


I literally backed up 50' from last picture to take this one. This is camp before I improved it. Now there are seats (Railroad Ties) around the fire to sit at.


A shot from the same location. I just turned around and took a picture upstream. Yep, the water is still high.


This is the largest boulder on the claim. It is located at the upper end of the claim. The longest part visible on this boulder puts it at 40' wide. This will NEVER move.


Dusting of snow in camp

The next set of pictures show the gold I have found on this claim and the method of recovery that I used.

This is a small amount of material from the surface I took for panning. This is a great exercise to show what comes through this claim at runoff.


This is the result of the above material (upper picture). It is only flood gold, but HOLY CRAP is there alot of gold on this claim.

I used the blade of a shovel to remove a small chunk of moss from a rock to check for gold. Notice my shoe at the bottom of the picture. Rock was not cleaned so I left a lot of gold behind, i'm sure. Next picture shows the result from that small piece of moss.

Like stars in the sky. Lots of flour gold from that small chunk of moss.

This was from 1 full pan, bank run from the surface at the very lower part of the MOR1. This was the best pan I have had on this claim. My buddy did a pan directly across the creek from this spot and it was nearly identical. That is A LOT of flood gold for 1 pan.


This was the result from sluicing a few buckets of material. The gold is not concentrated in 1 spot, but there is a lot of gold here. It is best, on this claim to run short riffles with low flow or matting because the gold is so fine.

My 1st pan I ever did on this claim...again, this was flood gold from the surface in an 8" pan.

This was the result from about 1 1/2 hrs of dredging with a 2" dredge at the upper end of the claim, upstream of that huge boulder.


Zoomed in picture of the gold to show texture. Pretty chunky, but fine. There are several different sources for the gold on this claim. The color ranges from buttery yellow to red- yellow to very fine specimens with quartz still attached.


Dredge cleanup after running a few hours. We were in the overburden and what was caught here was by luck due to no fine gold recovery system in place on the dredge. This is a must and the new buyer should modify the sluice to recover properly. It was utterly frustrating seeing the gold go up the nozzle and to not find it in the sluice.

Some of the boulders and probably bedrock too have kettles in it catching gold. There wasn't any gold in this one though. I am guessing because of it's location, it "boils out" at high water and fills up with overburden later on.


This is the dredge that is included in the sale of the MOR 1. It is a Keene mini 6". It has a Gold grabber flare. The main modification is that it has the key-way impellers so this dredge can use Harbor Freight engines. They work well and are only $99 each if you blow one up or something. If you have ever purchase the Honda for a screw on impeller, you know that they are over $500 each. There is a plastic reserve tank and a stainless steel one included. This dredge was made into a 3 stage sluice box and it doesn't work right in my opinion for fine gold. I believe that Goldhog matting in an extended box or even a sump system with secondary sluice would work best.

MOR1 Placer claim BLM CMC278176          Located in Township1S Range 71W Sec. 25 6th P.M.:


Description: This is a 60 Acre unpatented Placer claim that is located in Gilpin County and Boulder County. It is very private and it is rare to see any one else in the area. This is a low elevation claim for Colorado and very close to town. It is around 7500' in elevation.

      This is a very RARE and unique opportunity for the right person. The MOR1 claim is a VIRGIN placer claim and has only seen very minimal small scale sampling. There was Commercial dredging done upstream from this claim and Hydraulic mining done down stream, but this claim was untouched.


 INCLUDED IN SALE:  This is being sold as a turn-key operation due to the amount of equipment and supplies already on-site. This sale Includes a Keene Mini 6" dredge (with a legal reducer ring), a cleanup sluice for cons, an A-52 Keene sluice, a mobile chainsaw winch, 3 chainsaws that all run, a battery-powered 2000lb capacity winch, cable, snatch blocks, pulleys, 2 rock nets, a boulder choker, full face masks, lines, regulators, lead weight belts, etc. Generator, powered full size  cooler, dry storage bins, camping equipment, propane grille, cooking equipment and a small tent. tarps, a dried in tarp room (needs the tarps replaced this year before another winter). There are multiple hidden trail cams on most of the claim, but that is not included as I will be removing them after sale. Really, the only things needed to start would be food and fuel.


 GOLD REPORTS: The surface gold on the flood layer is fantastic and very pure. There is MEASURABLE gold in every pan. The gold that I have panned is mostly flour gold and particle distribution is 40% -200 mesh, 30% -100 mesh, 25% -50 mesh, 5% +50 mesh. I have panned several +20 mesh pieces. The creek runs hard at high water and settles gold quickly in the low pressure areas.  Also, the flood layers move quickly down towards bedrock as there is a lot of "action" on this claim at high water. At normal flow, there is a place for just about anyone... There is slow water, fast water, deep holes, Kettled bedrock, dry gravel bars, etc.


Conclusion: This claim is not for the faint of heart and is not easy to access, but with all that is included, and the fact that it is very likely to hold exceptional world-class values on bedrock, it will not last at this price. This claim will require a fine gold recovery system in place to really make this claim pay.

Thanks, Paul

Price-     $25,000