Dragon lode claim

Boulder County




A shot from on the claim looking West.

Looking up the hill to the Northeast to a couple of small prospects. There are many of these on this claim. The mines on this hill were all very productive in the past for Gold, Silver, Copper.

This is the old mine road at the lower section of it. This road was to access the Big mine on this claim. It goes up to it, but no further.


This is the upper part of the old mine road. This section is pretty short and could be accessed with a 4 wheeler, but would take some work to be able to drive a vehicle on it.


Small tailings pile near corner #2 monument, also part of the old road.


This is a small part of the ore pile from the big mine. I haven't tested the pile. I have tested the original location cut for the big mine and assay test for gold looked great. In this area, they typically stockpile second-class ore and ran the high grade, and usually never came back to get this second class ore.


This is the layout of the Dragon claim with the 2 places of main interest. There are other piles on this claim that look good to me and I have found visible (although small) gold on these minor prospects. Area shaded in red is private as is the white sections also. The patented claim (white band) that runs East and west, North of the dragon and overlapping the Dragon is the Stanley. It was producing very high grade gold and silver in Sylvanite (a rare telluride ore of gold) The next mine North produced Gold and Silver in Tellurides and pyretic gold ores. This mine was extremely rich also. Both mines contained Platinum group metals also.

Zoomed in shot of claim layout.


This is the typical high grade Telluride ore found on this hill. Notice the grey horn quartz. This mountain produced tellurides mostly in "Massive" structure rather than "Crystalline". This piece that I pulled off this claim should assay very nice for gold/ silver.

dragon big mine sulfide6.JPG

A lot of the Telluride ores contain Flourite. Some of the specimens are gorgeous.

dragonbigmine pyrite-t5.JPG

A mix of Pyrites and Tellurides

dragon float gold.JPG

A piece of very nice float I found on the Dragon containing a mix of pyrite, chalcopyrite and gold.

Dragon Lode claim BLM CMC# 286755

Located in Township 2N Range 71W Sec. 18 6th P.M., & Township 2N Range 72W Sec. 13 6th P.M.:

  Description: This is a 20 Acre unpatented Lode claim that is located in Boulder County. It is a very short walk to the claim from a 2WD accessed dirt road, then over National Forest to the old mine road. There is excellent camping on the ore pile at the big mine on the claim. The big mine was worked for Silver, Copper Lead and Gold back in the late 1800's and early 1900's (map pic labelled #1). Additionally, there are many other prospects on the claim that are pretty small. The Dragon claim overlaps a nice shallow cut from another mine that legally belongs to the Dragon for mineral rights. This cut produced Tellurides in the form of Sylvanite and was producing values back in the late 1800's, early 1900's (map pic labeled #2). There should be good value from this ore pile and waste pile. Private property on claim in red. I have found very nice float from this claim that has gold visible in it, although most of the mines in the area contained gold but with a very small particle size.


GOLD REPORTS:  I have not tested the ore from the cut, but it is tell-tale telluride ore and should test pretty good for gold and silver. I hiked above the big mine that is sluffed off at the portal and found the original discovery for that mine. I cleared the face of the rock off and removed a sample across it of 8' length. That test came back from fire assay with good results and great potential, but I have not tested the ore/ waste pile from the big mine, or the cut but there are plenty of metalics in it that appear to be Silver/ Copper/ Gold in tellurides. There are plenty of other small prospects on this claim that may have values in the piles. Most of the larger mines in the DIRECT vicinity  and on the same mountain, had assays of multiple ounces per Ton in gold.


Conclusion: This claim has great potential for a small to medium size operation, or to just save for an investment for later. There is an old mining road going all the way to the big mine that could easily be cleared in a day to run a 4 wheeler up. Tent camping is excellent at the big mine on the ore pile, and the claim is South West facing giving plenty of sunshine.

Thanks, Paul

Price-    $5,000