Upcoming Lode claim

Boulder County

Currently in the testing and evaluation process

It's hard to see the length of the line, but this is the strike of the vein that they exploited at 3 different spots. The length is nearly 600' from shaft 1-3. I wonder how long this vein is?


This is a shot looking West from the furthest East shaft on the vein showing a portion of the second shaft's pile. This is the largest pile from the 3 piles on the claim.


This is the water-filled shaft at the South West part of the claim. This shaft is of unknown depth. These miners were playing for keeps as this shaft has been timbered. That was a lot of work to do back then.

Upcoming  lode claim BLM# :       Located in...

I am currently testing this claim and it will be available when I have some solid information.


Thanks, Paul

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