Moose 1 placer claim

Gilpin County


This is a pile of rock on the Moose 1 claim that was stacked up when they placered it back in the day. The creek runs next to it.
This is the same rock pile, just further downstream. This is the largest pile on the claim. The pile is over 6 feet tall and I believe there is a pretty deep bedrock irregularity that is the reason  for such a large pile.
This is the creek at the very end of summer at it's lowest flow
Gold in the pan from the Moose 1.
This looked to me like a hand-stacked dam. It is located about mid-claim.
I have prospected on the claim that is above this one (Moose 2 claim) and a claim that is downstream a short distance from this one. I have prospected a little bit on this one that I have for sale and it appears to be the same story as the other two claims as far as gold. On this claim, and all others in this waterway, there is no gold in the overburden. Hardpack to bedrock is where the pay is. The gold pictured here was found on The Moose 1 and neighboring claims. The topography on this claim would suggest to me even larger gold should exist, plus there is a secondary source that does not exist on the upper claim that exists on the Moose 1. The gold is fine, mostly, but there are wires and nuggets and specimen gold down deeper. I have not been to bedrock, but I suspect it to be fantastic. I have seen bedrock gold from others on this creek and it is the best placer I have ever seen. It is large and nuggety.


Moose 1 Placer claim BLM CMC290540   Located in Township1S Range 73W Sec. 34 6th P.M.                                                                                                                                                                                  


Description:  This is a 20 Acre unpatented Placer claim that is located in Gilpin County. It is very private claim and not many people visit the area. It is a little off the beaten path. It is 4WD access to this claim. For a 20 acre claim, this has a lot of creek (approximately 1340'). There is a very nice flat camp spot on the claim that could support several tents and many people. Also, I have found ore laying around in camp and in the area that has visible gold in it. The creek is very small, but will support a 3" dredge if you are creative with damming up a pool for water supply. Claims on this creek are not available and are all claimed up. The National Forest road to the claim has a gate that is locked by the National forest and can be accessed only in the summer through the 15th of December. The key to this gate should be able to be obtained through the National forest to access the claim year round, but snow really piles up on this claim as it is at 9000 ft.


History:  I have not found any documented history of the area, but the entire length of the creek and some of it's tributaries have been placered at some time. The pictures show stacked rock piles and it is easy to figure out by the size range of all the piles that there are big bedrock irregularities on this claim. On this claim, I have found pieces of small sluice boxes and old rusted screens for concentrating. The claim below this one was sold 3 years ago for $10,000, sight unseen and is a walk-in claim, so at this price, it is a great deal for the right person who wants to get into placer mining.


GOLD REPORTS:  I have prospected on this claim and the claim above it that I sold a couple of years ago and found that there is a decent channel width of pay. When it was placered previously, in the early 1900's, I believe that they only worked a small percentage of the width of the channel and where they did work, were unable to get to the irregularities in the bedrock, plus the rest of the channel that was completely missed. It is easy to determine when you are in un-worked pay because there is a nice hardpack layer down about 1' to 3' in depth. Within that layer, the gold ranges from fine to small specimen as shown in the pictures. The worked sections are obvious as the media is loose like overburden, but I would continue down to bedrock as gold here should be very chunky and course. The gold pictured is from the missed part of the channel when placered years ago, but I have not dredged down to  bedrock. I have seen the gold from bedrock further downstream and it is amazing, being nuggety and large. 


Conclusion:  This is a private claim with no houses within 1/2 mile. This claim could support a small wash plant operation (IE: backhoe loading a trommel). This kind of small operation could be run very profitably. Or one could just keep it small and locate the channel pay with a small dredge or highbanker.

Thanks, Paul