I have been a gold prospector for over 35 years. I have learned a lot over the years and am still learning. Gold prospecting and mining are my passion.
  It is very satisfying and exciting for me to help people that are new to prospecting, find and recover their own gold. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing someone find their first color in the pan, as I remember my first one to this day...I was hooked.
   I love mining and the history around it, but mostly I enjoy "Prospecting" as It was something that I dug up that nobody has ever seen, and I found it.....I FOUND VALUE IN THE DIRT!!!
What is more exciting than that?
This website exists for the reason of helping others find quantities of real value in the ground. There are others that sell mining claims. My niche is in locating something special that is truly unique and what I would consider not just a mining claim but an investment.
I don't believe in over-inflating prices of mining claims to line my own pockets, I believe in offering a fair price for my claims. Also, I have invested time to those who have purchased from me in the past, offering assistance and helping out when I can. I am building relationships with my buyers past the sale of a claim.
I have dedicated many hours to each of these claims to try and give prospective buyers a "Head Start" at something tangible.
  With my knowledge of prospecting, mining and mining claims, and the amount of time involved in doing this, I believe you will get something special.
  I have proven all my claims through experience, prospecting and research. Each and every claim I have has been located and recorded correctly and legally
  I do not and will not load up my website with worthless "paper- claimed" mining claims. I have had most of these claims for years.
Give me a call if one of my mining claims sparks your interest, or if you just want to talk prospecting.
Thanks, Paul







Although I cannot guarantee how much gold a person will get, as there are many factors involved that would determine this. A person's drive to succeed plays a huge role in success, but I can guarantee that if I state that a particular claim contains gold, it is because I have prospected it and found it. I guarantee that this claim is a valid and up-to-date legal claim through the BLM, and has been recorded in the appropriate county. Additionally, I guarantee that there is legal access to this claim and if there is any conflicts with private property, I will state this in the description or reflect private property in red boundaries on the map if applicable. Also, typically on a map, white indicates private property.

I always ask anyone who is interested in a claim, to do their due diligence by contacting the BLM where it is filed to check and confirm that the claim is valid. Visiting the claim and possibly testing and sampling the claim prior to purchase are always recommended. I do ask that if you are going to remove minerals, get permission from me first, otherwise, it is considered claim jumping and is a Federal crime. Thanks


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